The School Board is the governing body to which the school is accountable for its student achievement and the quality of its learning environment.

Its membership is comprised of Parent, P & C, Community and Staff representatives whose collective responsibility is to monitor school performance and to support and assist the school in developing its strategic targets and Business Plan.

The Principal and Board, through its Chairperson, enter into a Delivery and Performance  Agreement with the Director General of Education, for the delivery of education as outlined in the Marmion Primary School Business Plan.

The Board’s roles and relationship to school administration are clearly articulated in its Terms of Reference.

Representatives are elected to the Board as outlined in the Terms of Reference.

Other members may be co –  opted on a needs basis as deemed necessary by the Board.


Mrs Natasha Bowman CHAIRPERSON
Mr Justin Crooks
Mr Garry Dack
Mrs Melissa Engelke
Mr Glen Pirrit


Mr Ian Herbert  PRINCIPAL
Mrs Yvonne Darcey
Mr Aaron Watson                                                                Mrs Sharne Flanagan                                                                                       



TERM 1: Thursday 5 March

TERM 2: Thursday 28 May

TERM 3: Thursday 20 August

TERM 4: Thursday 12 November

Please refer to the Board’s Terms of Reference for further details regarding meeting procedures.